What Is Bipolar Disorder?

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Bipolar means that people have swings up and down, both depressions and what I call hypomanic or manic episodes. So that means somebody is sad, dejected, looks like they have no energy, don't want to work, have all kinds of physical symptoms, and then you've got the occasional going the other way where a person is high and the life of a party, looks like overstated, becomes unreasonably excited.

I frankly think one of the dangers in these terms is that it's sometimes a little bit overused, but there are people who have those kind of swings. Years ago, it was more frequent for the swingers to be rather dramatic, so you have somebody coming who is on a manic stage, and you would almost enjoy being with them, real fun because everything could be done, they got to solve the world, make a million dollars, do all kinds of things that sounded inflated.

I don't see as much of that, but you do see people who bounce back and forth.