What Are the Possible Signs of Disordered Eating?

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Disordered eating includes a large variety of diagnosis, not just the typical eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder. Many people, I would say, the majority of people in this country have some form of disorder eating. It can be a food addiction, meaning you are powerless over food or a food, and even if you know it's bad for you and your health, you can't give it up.

If it is causing consequences in your relationships, in your life, in your financial life. The first step is to tell somebody, as they say in 12 step communities, you are sick as your secrets, so go to a free over-eater's anonymous meeting and tell somebody. Other times, disordered eating maybe better accounted for by anxiety, or depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, meaning there's something not right in your life, and you're using food to self medicate that thing.

Ask yourself, by yourself or with the help of mental health professional. What could I do differently to get this emotional need met, so that this disordered eating no longer be taking over or controlling my life.