Is an Eating Disorder a Disease?

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Hi, this is Dr. Judy Harris. Thank you for asking the question on eating disorders and specially overeating in disease. Very big question, it just so happens that I had a pre-hided argument about last week. So, thank you for your timely inquiry. What we say about addiction is we say usually, I mean the disesae of addiction.

We usually say, it's a physical addiction coupled with a psychological obsession, that's what create the disease. And you will have to create both parts of that, as well as third part as it like a dual, the third part is the spiritual connection, which often get fully ignore especially in medical treatment.

There are very few facilities doing attend to it, but before [xx] what I make sure you dress and a lot of times spirituality and has some very I've been very capable spiritual counselors there. But the physical addiction part is usually an addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates, why? Because when we eat carbohydrates is usually an 18 minute high in other words for 18 minutes we shoot up, and then after that 18 minutes we fall way below the line below where we started, and when we're in withdrawals.

Well, what's the best thing to do when you're in withdrawals? Eat some more. We learned to self-medicate ourselves to go up again for another 18 minutes and then plum it back down. So, by the time we're at the stages of our disease are constantly up and down, up and down, up and down.

And even after we get to recovery this then creates a lot, sometimes how we create our our lives to be a little bit of a roller costa. In fact, I heard a guy say last week that before recovery, he was on a merry go around and after recovery he was on a roller costa. So, that's about the physical part.

Then there's a psychological obsession which is, we learn very little tolerance for pain and discomfort. We don't see ourselves weathering things, and walking through them without grabbing something quickly to self medicate. So, we have this psychological need to kind of zone out, because we don't know how, we don't learn that this too shall pass if it's bad and even if it's good, this too shall pass.

So, coupling those together physical addiction and the psychological obsession, and the spiritual vacuum, all combine together to create dis ease not feeling good but also the dis ease of compulsive eating.