How Can I Avoid the Triggers for Emotional Eating?

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One serving of unhealthy curbs per day. You're going to need other things to feel good. Now, the two most common triggers for emotion eating and we've heard it from all this ladies are ready, is number one stress. So what you need to do, find find some non food activities that are going to boost your serotonin levels, light a candle, we got some bubble baths here, take a bath this are actually be the non food healthy ways, so that you don't need to reach for that pasta, that pizza, you're the most common sugar loneliness.

We just talked about giving a sponsor, all you've got to do everyone has one, I know you've got it in your purse or your pocket, you pick up the phone, you text, you call somebody in your life that you're close to you call you sponsor when you feel like you're about to binge reach out to somebody human beings we're emotional social creatures and if you do that you're not going to be craving so much of that pizza.

So Mitchell look at me what I want you to do what I want everyone to do is to give yourself permission to reach out for help will you do that? Definitely I will. Give you some permission to call for some help take a bubble back once in a while [xx] do the things we're talking about to find alternatives to the trigger that are pushing over the edge for your [INAUDIBLE] yes.

Thank you very much.