Beware of a Good-Mood Food Binge

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[MUSIC[ hi, I'm Dr. Miller, if you're trying to lose weight, here's an important question to ask yourself, are you an emotional eater? Think for a moment before you answer, you may have heard that negative emotions like depression, sadness, frustration, loneliness and anger can trigger over eating, that's true can positive emotions, in a recent studies Dutch researchers took at look at the effects of good mood on caloric intake, it turns out that feeling good food can make you gabble even more snack food than feeling sad, and in the study that was especially true among healthy normal weight people.

Now of course you shouldn't make yorself unhappy, this can loose a few pounds, but if you find yourself feeling good, resist the urge to reach for a doughnut and look for healthier ways to reward and maintain your buoyant mood. I'm Dr. Miller, for more ways to watch your weight and feel great, check out all our smart tips.