Telling the Truth Is Good for Your Health

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Do you ever tell white lies? You know those little fabes we tell to avoid hurting someone's feeling sort of, to get out of a tight spot, well it turns out all lies, big ones, and those little seemingly harmless white lies, corrupt your health. In one study, folks who told less than three white lies a week, were much less likely to complain about being tense or sad than those who were telling about 10 white lies a week.

They were also less likely to get sore throats and headaches, being honest reduces anxiety and cuts your output of the stress hormone cortisol and that reduces inflammation that harms the blood vessels, the heart and self distract the body, and here's one place where you never want to lie in a doctors office.

A [xx] study found 28% of patients lie to their docs and that's risky business. When you are not giving your doctor true picture of your health and habits you compromise your care. So always tell the truth you will be healthier for it. I'm Dr Ross check out all of our smart tips for more ways to reduce stress and boost your health.