Soothe Stress With Laughter, Tea and Qi-Gong

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Hi, Dr. Roizen here with some easy ways to stay young by beating stress. Have a good laugh! Cracking up relaxes your blood vessels and increases blood flow, the opposite of what happens when you're tensed, stop and smell the roses, or the Lavender basil, orange, grape, mango, or lemon, they all contain a compound with a scent that reduces anxiety.

Drink black tea, men who regularly drink black tea respond to stress by calming their bodies, and they reverse the physical responses to stress faster than other guys. Try Qigong, Qigong have series of calming movements and breaths that teaches you how to breath correctly. Try this one the next time you're feeling stressful, while standing, focus on point down the wall with your chin parallel to the ground, inhale as you turn your head to the right, breath out as you turn your head back.

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