Your Child Has ADHD? How to Work With His or Her Teacher

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. If your child has ADHD, thriving in school can be a big challenge. Partnering with your child's teacher is the number one thing you can do to help him succeed in school. It is crucial to have an open communicative relationship with teachers, so you can discuss how your child is doing.

It helps you keep tabs on his progress and address potential problems before they mushroom into big issues, try these tips. Have your child carry a small journal back and forth to school each day. Teachers can jolt down notes to you about his behavior and school performance. And you can raise any questions that concerns you may have, establish a reward system so your child knows good things, like extra play time happen if he works hard to do what's asked of him.

In school, kids with ADHD often receive a lot of negative feedback for their behavior and their self esteem can suffer as a result. But, learning that they have the power to make choices that earn them positive feedback and rewards, can be very motivating. I'm Dr. Altmann, for more way to raise happy healthy kids, check out all our smart tips.