Coping With ADHD Frustrations

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Hey I'm Dr. Oz coping with ADHD can be and stressful exhausting so don't be afraid to talk about your feelings and your problems. That's what friends and families are for right learning healthy ways to communicate and deal with stress can help you cope with ADHD like a pro. So include your family and friends in your treatment if they understand what you are going through they can provide better support.

Support groups are also a fantastic resource for learning coping techniques in the privacy of the group you can talk openly about how you feel with others who face the same issue. It's a great place to share coping strategies, and to get the encouragement that you need. Find a group near you, check out ADHD organisations like American Deficit Disorder Association.

Many sponsor local support groups or can put you in touch with a an online group. Finally don't forget about your lifestyle, get plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. Plus yoga, deep breathing, and other techniques can lower stress levels even more. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to tame stress, check out out smart tips.