What Are the Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

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First of all destructibility, people with ADHD don't seem to be able to pay attention for any period of time, so they if you're trying to sit and have a conversation with someone they seem not to be listening or they seem to be paying attention to other things, disorganization, people with ADHD have trouble with prioritization, they have trouble with putting things in order for themselves.

They have piles of clothes, and books, and papers all over their house. People with ADHD often have trouble with follow through and with being responsible or being equal partners in a relationship because they say that they're going to do something, and they may forget about it, or they become distracted and so in a marriage or in life people who are dealing with people with Attention Deficiency Disorder feel like they're dealing with people who are not partners.