Think Twice Before You Share Your Insights

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Do you ever brought up thoughts as they come to your mind? Expressing insights can get you into trouble if you don't think first. I'm Dr. Oz, and here are a few tips for better communication. This tips are specially helpful for people with ADHD, who tend to speak so late. Start by realizing that words have power.

No matter what you say, your comments have a chance of hurting someone's feelings, or they may push of button, they don't want to get pushed. To avoid this, hit the pause button. Stop and reflect before sharing. Will your insight make a person feel better or worse? Doing this can be challenging for adults with ADHD.

They tent to see reality clearly and incisively, that can be a gift. But if you think of the meaning of the word incisive, it doesn't only means to remove remarkably clear but also cutting and piercing, focus on your need to connect and bond with the others, if you keep that front and center you will learn to share your perceptions with more vernasity to keep yourrelationship relationships strong.

I'm Dr. Oz check out all our smart tips for more ways to boost your relationships.