The Bright Side of Distractions

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I'm Dr Oz, distractions can be annoying even disruptive especially for folks who are easily distracted to begin with, but here's some good news, distractions aren't always bad, they can provide important clues to your passions. If you find your daily routine interrupted by several distractions, think about translating them into hobbies, interest, or even career opportunity in a journal make a list of five interest activities to distract you from what you are supposed to be doing.

Give each of these an entire page. Write the distraction at the top and then list down five jobs, activities or hobbies that could build on it. For example if you love sports you can join a team, consider it career and sports journalism or coach little league. Write a list of specific skills you are gaining by pursuing ditractions.

For instance by watching sports, you might gain skills in calculating probabilities, understanding the value of team play, and determining the effectiveness of strategies. Your distractions may have an important role to play in your destiny, even if it leaves nothing more than a hobby or an interest.

your passions generate energy that can fill other areas of your life. I'm Dr. Oz. For more ways to live better check out all of our smart tips.