Spend Time Outdoors to Improve Your Concentration

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz if you having trouble focusing try spending some time in nature, you don't believe me? Try this experiment. Take a one hour walk in the park, on the beach or any natural setting on a Saturday, and then journal about your day. How well did you stay on task? Note your ability to focus, your mood, your tension levels, even your level of organization.

On Sunday follow your regular schedule, now compare Saturday and Sunday. Any differences? Keep yourself for a couple of weeks to gauge if it works for you. Then give yourself an hour in nature everyday for a week, and ask yourself I'm getting more or less work done. I'm I able to identify priorities and stay organized?

I'm I more or less stressed overall. Once you see the results you can decide this small investment of time in nature helps you to better manage the rest of your day. I'm Dr. Oz, check out all of our smart tips for more ways to improve your life.