For Better Concentration, Diminish Digital Distractions

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Do you find that hard to stay focused in today's digital world? You're not alone. Cellphones keep us connected around the clock, emails never stop. It can all leave you distracted and unfocused especially if you have ADHD. So what can you do? You have few ways to minimize those digital distractions.

First off, silence your ringer. When you need to focus, silence your cellphone or put it away. Only check your messages and return calls at designated times. Next, tone down social media use, don' t let Facebook and Twitter distract you from work. Make a rule to log in only during work breaks or at home.

Finally, minimize email interruptions. They constantly with the flow of incoming emails and instant messages to interrupt you all day long. There's nature's specific times to reply your email. If possible, turn you email off for large chunks of time each day if you work without distractions. Urge your prime members, friendly coworkers use only IM for really urgent messages.

I am Dr. Oz check out all of our health tips for more to stay focused and stress free.