3 Steps to Cope With Anger

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Do you feel that if you let yourself angry you loose control. I'm Dr. Oz, and there are three ways to cope with anger, these strategies are especially helpful for people with ADHD, who may need extra help rating it impulsive reaction. First, follow the 30 second rule. Give yourself permission to feel angry, but just fro 30 seconds.

Breath into it, imagine your anger becoming more intense. Feelings are like waves. They'll rise, they'll crest, and then they'll go away. With 10 seconds left, let the feelings go just like the wave after a crest. Use the anguish a form of guidance. Anger may be a sign that you need to communicate your boundaries or needs more clearly.

Let emotions guide you to make positive changes. I'll get through with another person or try [xx] about it. Focus on the troubling events, and spend a few minutes writing about your own remarkable gifts that make you strong in the face life's challenges. I'm Dr. Oz. For more great ways to handle your emotions, check out our Smart Tips, right here