Why Are Addictions So Hard to Break?

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Addictions are very hard to break because they are not only psychological they're also biological. Most addictions start as a psychological addiction meaning you get addicted to the process. So in what we call the process addictions gambling, food, sex even though you're not ingesting a typically active substance like a drug or alcohol there's something about the process that will give you those same feel good chemicals in your brain the same as put in drugs or alcohol.

However we then have the biological addiction meaning we need more and more of the same substance to get the same results. That means you have tolerance and also you will go through a period of withdrawal when you try to take this out of your life meaning your body is now dependent, when you combine the psychological with the biological logical piece it is very hard to break and human beings are creatures of habit, it has been shown that it takes 30 days to establish a habit in the human brain so instead of focusing on I need to rid myself off this habit gradually start to add healthy habits, to your everyday life and remember it takes 30 days to create a new habit.

Once that habit is formed whether that habit is going to a 7 PM Tuesday yoga class or having a delicious salad for lunch or going to a Sunday AA meeting that will then become a new habit, a new ritual which will crowd some of these negative habits or addictions.