What Are the Potential Risks and Side Effects of Sleep Medications Sometimes Prescribed to Help Treat Depression?

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When people com and sit for a depression, okay and you want to get them, you're addressing not just depression but right away you try to help like say the sleep or anxiety on top of that. You may end up putting them on benzodiazepines or sleep medications, but then after they get better they may have to frequently coming off.

Not because the anxiety and insomnia is driven by depression anymore because depression is gone but because they're dependent on the medication that is helping them sleep or getting rid of the anxiety. So, we have to be very careful, we want to give them some medications to bring some immediate relief until they're headed for some [xx].

or we have to be careful in what we use to do as we use, and we have to tell a patient this is just a temporary measure. So, again do an example [xx] someone call pneumonia. I use medical analogy, someone call pneumonia high fever to get them some Tylenol to control the, get the fever down immediately but put them on antibiotic to get to the root cause of the pneumonia and once they're better they come off the [xx] the antibiotic.

I use the same and I use it for depression. So, if somebody coming a bit depressed, but they also have some insomnia they want some sleep med, I will given a sleep med, to bring some immediate relief until this medication kicks in four weeks later. But, I'd be very careful tell the patient this is only temporary, and you will have to come off this before we can even talk about coming off they enter depressions.