Kick Food Addiction to the Curb

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. The media is buzzing about food addiction, out-of-control eating that hooks your brain almost like tobacco or street drugs. Eating badly amps up the information that stresses you body and brain. That makes you want to eat more junk food so you will feel better. But you can break that bad eating pattern.

First identify your trigger foods, write down what you eat how you were feeling at the time an what was happening in your life. Over a week or two, you'll discover which situations trigger cravings for junk foods. Then eliminate one trigger food for your like a week. At the same time, add one piece of protein and veg your fruit to your plate in place of the culprit.

Pump your brain with sleep and exercise. Almost any kind of movement triggers the release of feel-good brain chemicals. Also, treat yourself to seven to eight hours of great slumber, so you don't have to hunt for energy at the bottom of a candy pack. Finally, find support. Recovery is easier if you don't do it alone.

I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to nourish your good health, check out all of our smart tips.