Can You Stop Addiction with Financial Incentives?

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Reward system is by far the most potent intervention. It's the most potent intervention changing people's behaviours and you're going to see it more and more everywhere in our culture. From your employer who's going to pay you not to smoke they're going to pay you in lots of ways, sometimes they're going to pay you by giving you $200 bills, sometimes they're going to pay you by reducing your health insurance to $20.

And then the behavioral scientist will tell you about which one of those this is more potent, taking away or giving, but you're going to see continuances, all over the place at every level and predicting over the next 25 years. You don't hear about it so much but's it so powerful in the addictions literature and it's unspoken people don't like to speak about this because its very hard to get folks outside the addiction world to say, really I'm going to pay you, to stop doing that something that's bad for you that we don't like to think about it, that's not part of our puritan nature.

We believe in willpower and you should be able to change on your own. Why am I going to pay you to do something that's, you're doing something, if you're a cocaine user, you're doing something that's illegal, I'm going to pay you to stop doing something illegal? So it rubs people the wrong way and so it's never been disseminated but it's going to start to be leak out, maybe not around cocaine but it's going start to leak out in other ways I think.