What Medications Are Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

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Drugs like Viagra, there are three on the market, Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Levitra also comes in a caution called staxyn, which is the same medicine as Levitra, but packaged more sexily, but those are the three, ones you take by mouth usually half an hour to an hour before you want to have intercourse. That's a group of drugs called fast with the steroids, Type 5 inhibitors.

They inhibit an enzyme that breaks down a chemical that maintains erections. So those are the most common treatments. Then there is a suppository, it's a tiny little pallet that you can implant inside your penis, may be an hour before intercourse. It has the substance in it that diffuses into the penis, causes the same sort of thing as the PDE 5 inhibitors, but causes erections. Then you can take that same substance and inject it directly into the penis with a very small needle, you can take that same substance with a couple of other substances,

and inject that into the penis that's called TriMix. TriMix is very powerful. A lot of men who have severe erectile dysfunction can do an injection of TriMix and get a good erection. The last one before surgery would be a vacuum erection device. It's sort of a plastic cylinder that you place around your penis with a ring at the base, and it sort of vacuums up your penis into a semi erection.

You take off the outer coating and the ring stays, and the penis can be erect enough to have intercourse. So those are the general treatments before you'd have surgery, or drugs by mouth, drugs by suppository, drugs by injection, and the vacuum erection device.