The Best Time to Quit Smoking

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Want the secret to quitting for good, listen up it's waiting 30 days that's right, set your quit date for a month from now, then follow these steps to success, first start by walking 30 minutes a day, everyday no excuses, this is key, having another behavior, take the place, doubles your success in quitting.

After a month of 30 minutes of walking you'll have more physical stamina, you'll be younger both of which will help you succeed at breathing free. Second write down the three biggest reasons that you want to breath free, and look at them several times everyday during this 30 day period.

That strengthens use your motivation and resolve so you can quit. Next, find a quitting buddy. Talk to that person everyday about your successes, and concerns. They can keep you accountable, and finally see your doctor, and ask for a prescription, anti-craving medication and a nicotine patch that can help you transition to breathing free that way it'll be easier, easier than you even think.