Can I Reverse the Aging Process Caused by Smoking?

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The great news is that you get to do-over even from smoking even if you've been doing it for a very long time but the best news is if you quit before age 35, and before 20 pack years, that's a pack a day for 20 years. So if you quit before age 35 if it started at age 15, and only smoked a pack a day, you can get a total reversal.

That's right, if you will, smoking causes nine to 11 years of aging at a pack a day, but if you stop, you reverse not only those nine you're sure the lifespan you have but the 18 years of disability, you get rid of those and in five years, you get all of that back so that your risk is this pain is if you never started smoking.

Now the longer it is and the older you are before you quit, the less you get back. But even when you quit at age 55, you get some of it back. So, you get to do over, that's the joy of the real age program, there isn't anyone who can't get something to do over. And with smoking if you quit before age 35, you can get a total do over from that aging that cigarettes would otherwise cause.