Smart Veggies for a Healthy Prostate

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Guys, here's an important tip to help prevent prostate cancer. Load up on calciferous vegetable, I'm talking about broccoli and cauliflower, oh yeah, and cabbage, kale and bok choy, brussels sprouts and collard greens are part of this family too. What makes these veggies so special? They are chock full of sulfur things, that's the compound that makes them taste a little bitter and smell well cabbage when they are cooked, but that makes these vegetables especially that you're prostate by disarming prostate cancer cells and improving overall prostrate health.

So try cabbage brocolli or bok choy in a stir fry or roast cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Believe me they'll taste amazing. Raise some kale or collard but don't stop there. While you load up on these veggies, you can cut back on red meat, turns out red meat is not so good for your prostate.

I'm Dr. Miller, for more ways to nourish your good health, check out all our smart tips right here.