New Prostate Surgery Guidelines

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I'm Dr. Oz. If you have prostate cancer, you should know about some of these new treatment guide lines. Deciding between surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, and watchful waiting can be tricky. Here are two questions to ask your doctor. What's my rating on the Partin Tables? Doctors rely on something called the Partin tables, top to side if you're likely to be cured by prostrate removal.

The Partin tables look at three factors. The PSA, that's the prostrate specific antigen level, your Gleason Score, that's an estimate of the tumor aggressiveness that's based on the biopsy, and how much to the tumor can be felt in a digital exam. Men with a Gleason score of eight and a PSA of 10 are now considered good candidates for prostrate surgery.

What about the risk to prostrate surgery? And what can be done to prevent that? New surgical techniques now make it possible to prevent permanent nerve damage, sexual dysfunction and incontinence in many men. Ask if you are a good candidate for one of these new techniques. I'm Dr.

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