Men: You Still Need a PSA Test for Prostate Cancer

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Hi, Dr. Oz here, and I've got an important health tip for men. The US Preventative Services Task Force recently concluded that men don't need to get a PSA test to screen for prostate cancer. I disagree. The test measures a man's level of prostate specific antigens, an enzyme in your prostate gland.

A PSA test reveals info about your overall prostate health. A high PSA level could be a sign of prostate cancer or just of an infection. If your PSA test is positive, get a second opinion before having a biopsy, since this often leads to unnecessary surgery. So it's true that the PSA test is not perfect, but it's the best early warning system we have for prostate cancer which kills 28, 000 North American men every year.

The PSA test don't make sense for a lot of guys. If you're African American or if you've had a close male relative who's had prostate cancer, you have a 60% higher than normal risk, they already get tested starting at age 45. For other guys, I recommend testing starting at age 50, and continue test until you're 65.

So, talk to your doctor in the side that PSA test if makes sense for you. For more ways to stay well, watch all of our Health Smarts, right here.