I've Just Been Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, What Do I Need to Do?

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Why is a patient going to think about this treatment in a different way than say [UNKNOWN] cancer because if you don't have any treatment at all you're probably going to live at least 10 years and possibly longer with no treatment at all, the side effects of treatment [UNKNOWN] your complete change of any intimacy you may have and you may loose control of your urine.

And these and huge quality of life problems, for a man to discuss that they may think I'm not so worried about dying of my cancer, I'm not worried about the side effects the treatment, so some men make their decision based on fear of the side effects and not so much having their cancer cured.

There's a lot of mis information some of it is on the internet, some of it is marketing, some of it is that neurologists will tell you that surgery is the best the radiation oncologists the radiation is the best but you as a consumer still confused about what you should do. So I think that patients are much more involved in the decsion making process, there is a variety of ways to clean information outside of what a physician tells you, to help make an educate decision.

This is a couples disease, there a lot of times the spouse is very involved in helping the patient make a decision. Ultimately there's not a lot of objectivity unfortunately, the facts objectively are that at least a 10 year follow up there's no data that shows one treatment is better than the other as it applies to whether or not your disease will be fully cured or not, there are different side effects of the treatments, which are different based on how old you are.

So older patients are more likely to have problems with surgery than younger patient there are some men that really shouldn't have radiation because they may have a genetic disorder they can't get radiation they may have inflammatory bowel disease, which means they can't have radiation or perhaps they have terrible urinary problems and a very big prostate, that's a patient be better served having surgery.

Unfortunately, that's the minority of them. It's most men have to make the difficult decision, what they think is best for them. [MUSIC].