How Do I Know If Prostate Surgery Is Right for Me?

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Surgery is a critical and valuable option for men with localized, newly diagnosed prostrate cancer. And what that means is that if you are newly diagnosed with prostrate cancer and your cancer is isolated to your prostate based on the PSA, based on the clinical exam, based on x-rays or scans surgery is one of the options along with radiation or seeds and cryotherapy that you may be offered, observation is an alternative to any treatment in a subset of those patients, because some of these cancers may grow very slowly, and if you're an older man 70, 75 year old man with a very small cancer that may not be dangerous to you, over the next 20 years, you may be best off not treating it at all.

So surgery has a role. The question I think the people are wondering and struggling with is, where is surgery the best treatment? Where is no treatment the best treatment, where is radiation the best treatment? Those are the decisions that we don't actually have a clear answer to and that's why each individual man, a man who walks into my clinic and sits down and says I have prostrate cancer, doctor what do I do? And in that situation surgery maybe one of the choices for him and it maybe the right choice.