Can Turmeric Reduce the Spread of Prostate Cancer?

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Is there any evidence to suggest that turmeric or curcuma can reduce the spread of prostate cancer in the body? Yes. A recent study done in Mice found that curcuma, which is in turmeric and gives it yellow colour, prevented prostate cancer from metastasizing. It also prevented the spread of advanced breast cancer in all their studies.

So first question, where is turmeric present? What is it just a spice? It's in curry. It's in curry, okay. Yes and you can eat as much 8 grams a day of the curcuma which is in curry, so it's really safe and there are supplements out there that have it in it, not as much as 8 grams a day but are definitely helpful in terms of reducing inflammation and probably reducing the risk of metastasizing for prostate cancer.

So if you went to your favorite Indian restaurant that wouldn't be a bad idea. Wouldn't be a bad idea. Alright.