Are Your Vaccinations Up to Date?

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I'm Dr. Oz. If you thought vaccines were just for little ones, think again. As we age, we're at risk from many different diseases. Here is a round down of the vaccines you may need. First, flu shots. The regular flu shot is for people six months and older. Pertosis, it's called kidap. And this one time vaccine is given in lieu of a simple PV booster, followed by a PV booster every 10 years.

Zoster is for shingles. The vaccine is for everyone 50 years and older with vaccinations a possibility after 10 years. Pneumococcal is for pneumonia, as your doctor about vaccine is approved for everyone 50 years we vaccinate every 10 years. Certain people, they also need vaccines for meningitis and hepatitis.

Also if you've never had chickenpox, HBV or measles, mumps and rubella should have these vaccines if you're over 19. Remember, more adults die of vaccine-preventable diseases in North America than from colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer or car accidents. I'm Dr. Oz watch all of our smart tips for more ways to stay well.