Are There Drugs or Vitamins That Can Prevent Prostate Cancer?

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Prevention of prostrate cancer is something that's actually been studied, and two large clinical trial have recently been completed looking at two kinds of drugs, one a mild hormonal therapy called Finasteride, a second study Dutasteride[sp?] of a similar type of drug was performed.

And it in fact did show that you could prevent prostrate cancer, decrease the risk of prostrate cancer by about 25%. So, why aren't we all taking it, or recommending that it be taken it decreased the numbers of cancer, but it increased the numbers of aggressive cancers. I'll say that again, there were fewer total cancers, but the cancers they got rid off were the one's that might have been that were not dangerous to begin with.

So, it's very and in fact last year FDA refused to approve [xx] one of this drugs because of concerns about whether it might in fact be making things worse, and right now the bottom line is we don't know the right answer, about whether these kinds of hormonal type treatments would prevent prostate cancer.

The second study, which was much more definitive, looked at vitamin E and selenium. These are very commonly used micro nutrients, people take them in vitamins all the time and the National Cancer Institute did a $120 million study. Many thousands of men, randomly assigned to vitamin E and/or selenium, and it showed no effect.

It did not prevent prostate cancer. So, unfortunately, there really is no routinely recommended prevention strategy for prostate cancer at this time.