Are There Alternative Therapies for Prostate Cancer?

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The issue about alternative therapies is that many of them are not studied very well, actually I did a clinical trial when I was in Boston about 10 years ago looking at an herbal therapy called Pc Spaz and in the end we studied it because our patients were talking it and it turned out to be very effective but also contaminated with synthetic drugs and it was ultimately taken off of the market, it taught me a lesson about working with materials that are perhaps not always at the same standard as a drug or a pharmaceutical.

Now that said, we know many drugs that we use on a routine basis are isolated from natural substances like common chemotherapy Paclitaxel comes from the bark of the yew tree and so there's many many things that probably are natural substances for instance that are quite active and we need to do more research to really understand how they work, as an oncologist treating patients with prostate cancer for the last 15 years I can say many of my patients take many of these and it's hard for me to see any trend in a specific alternative therapy that has had a dramatic effect the one that I saw that had the most dramatic effect, PC Spaz a decade ago is one that we decided to actually study in a clinical trial.