3 Smart Moves for a Healthy Prostate

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We know how important exercise and nutritious diet are for good health. But you may not know just how closely they are tied to your prostrate. I am Dr. Oz. When it comes to preventing prostrate cancer, and in a large prostrate, there are three main factors; your weight, what you eat, and whether or not you smoke.

Study shows that men who or overweight or obese, have a greater risk of adopting aggressive prostrate cancer. If you're carrying too many pounds, make it a priority to loose weight. What you eat can dramatically increase or reduce your cancer risk. Processed meats like bacon and hot-dog, are some of your prostate biggest forks.

Red meat an full parked dairy, can at least double your risk of any alleged prostrate. Instead back up on vegetables like broccoli, kale and cauliflower, in three or more servings a day, can cut your risk of prostate cancer in 1/2. And it goes without saying that stopping smoking helps to prevent a variety of life threatening health problems, including prostrate cancer.

I'm Dr. Oz. For more great ways to stay healthy, checkout all of our smart tips, they're right here.