How Does Adult ADHD Affect My Relationships?

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Adult ADHD can have a very negative effect on your relationships. First and foremost you'll find that you not able to get certain things done, and your partner or friends, or even bosses or coworkers will say you're always starting projects and you are not able to finish them. When it comes to the one on one personal romantic relationships, you find that you just can't focus enough on giving the attention to your mate again because of your symptoms of ADHD and therefore, your love life will be impacted.

Adult ADHD can be very detrimental on your relationship, on your marriage, on your committed relationship, and let me give you an example. If you do happen to be in this kind of a situation and you find that your partner's complaining that you're starting projects around the house and you're not able to finish them.

You're in charge of paying bills and their either payed late or they don't get paid at all and all of a sudden you're seeing all sorts of collection notices coming in, especially when the money is in the bank, or the fact that your partner just complains over and over and over again that you can't seem to focus on the tasks or even on the relationship with regard to being able to fulfill your responsibilities.

These are key signs that you may have adult ADHD.