How Can My Romantic Relationship Affect My Health?

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I spent the last 20 years focusing on helping people to create healthy relationships, and one of the reasons is that most people aren't aware. We have a huge body of research that shows that a bad relationship affects your health. Did you know that the largest number of claims to help policies are because of people going through a divorce, and those people falling ill as a result? That's because it is such a stressful thing to go through if you have a bad relationship.

Now the good news is, we can learn better and do better in relationships, but be aware that getting that relationship healed can actually heal your body too. Just like a bad relationship leads to bad health, a good love relationship leads to good health. More endorphin, you feel happier, your immune system goes to through the roof, and by the way people who are in love are also more successful because you've got that I'm full and I can crash the universe energy and glow, and that affects our health.