You're Never Too Old for Great Sex

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Hey I'm Dr Ross. Guys age related physical changes can affect your sex life but here's some good news. Healthy individuals can stay sexually active and raring to go well into their golden years. Here's some perfectly normal changes that you can expect and what you can do about them. First off older guys typically need longer, stronger stimulation to achieve an erection. If that's the case, you and your partner may need to spend some time on fore play. Don't rush and have fun with it, your pelvic floor muscles also tend to weaken with age.

That can affect erections and orgasms because pelvic muscles draw blood into the genitals during sexual activity, do kegal exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor. Tighten and relax the same muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine or stop yourself from passing gas. That's a smart exercise for ladies too, but if you're unable to become aroused or think you might have erectile dysfunction then talk to your doc.

It could be a treatable underlying condition causing your difficulties, I'm Dr. Ross for more ways to stay on top of your health game watch all of our smart tips right here.