Why Do Men Lose Weight Easier Than Women?

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From the Dr. Oz Facebook page, they sure wanted to know why do women generally have a harder time losing weight than men? You know what, men already have a lot of muscle on board because of that they are always churning through the calories, so they have a little bit extra of a cake at night it's not a big issue.

Also high estrogen levels, get your deposit fat, last big issues is the thing called amygdala, have you ever heard of that? The amygdala is the fire alarm of the brain. It's always out there saying watch out Doctor, he is bad, where are the kids? All those things are coming from your the Amygdala and they stress you out and when you get stressed out and you get cravings, and make that he is pushing you more towards doing those craving because you feel stress by eating, men don't have an amygdala that makes as much noise, that's why they don't pay attention sometimes.

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