Why Do Men Change Television Channels So Much?

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Now this could be the big question so far so using our heads let choose our lead on you so do not think correct on this get the questions ready number three why can't men stay on a single channel on their TV for for more than two seconds? [SOUND] yes, very smart that very smart that I like that because [xx] take away.

Because we use less time squire [xx] because you use less time squire. Well how does your men's mind work Canal? There is a huge finding in the last 10 years in neuron science called mirror neurons, so if I raise my right arm mirror neurons are part of that action happening but if I see someone else raise the right arm those same neurons fire, this are stronger in woman that in men so when a woman a television show and she could become more invested more quickly and a characterized in the personal line more than men so a man is more inclined to hog the remote, changes channel every two seconds because he's less invested, less quickly in that show.

So, what's the practical watch is that? How to use you non dominant hand, yeah, because of use of non dominant hand they had to think about a little bit more, they can't go in autopilot quite as randomly. That's a good plan, I'm going to try that tonight. [LAUGH] So, guess what, Tamar, you have won the competition, yes, you have less the point, if you lost last questions you win the universal remote control.

That's all I need, thank you, thank you. It's the up to this we could for the show, I want to thank Jacy Hudson's and Caro Burns, thank you very much.