Who's More Likely to Have a One-Night Stand, Men or Women?

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Valarie, where are you Valarie? Come on Valarie, lets here the questions. You think is deep inside now is the question. Who's more likely to have a one-night stand, men or women? Okay take that one. [xx] I'm shocked. Why would a guy want to answer a question? Wreck that [xx] and down to answer this question.

No, I think I think it's such an obvious answer, first of all men, it usually takes a man and a woman to have a one-night stand. Very good, good point. Yeah. But you see you have to be spending more than one night. on that one night. No but the woman thinks it's going to last longer, we think if we give it up, it's going to, you're going to call a day or later.

We don't think it's a one night stand. I never get, the question I get all the time from women. I never get this question from them, is so I hooked up with this guy. And I'm like, was it just a one-night stand, could it lead to a relationship? There's all this confusion and I always say, so what's happening in the 90 seconds right after the hook up? Okay, is he snoring? Is he cuddling you, which would be good or is he just like up and out ready to go? I need a sex therapist opinion here, go ahead.

You know what, one of the things, I think Ian is right, and part of that is I always tell women don't have sex with a one night-stand unless you think you may want to fall in love with him because when women have good sex and they have orgasms their brain gets watched on oxytiocin which is the chemical of the attachment and we get attached.

But I will say that I've noticed with younger women especially college age women, they kind of think that part of being a modern woman is being like, I can just have sex just like guys, I'm going to go have a one night stands too. So more women are doing it, but the consequences are greater for them.

I think that a man is more likely to have a one night stand. We kind of want to have the cake and eat it too, not me, I'm just someone meditating. Not the [xx] but I'm saying the general a man is more likely to say this is, you know, and if they get caught they're like, if you're cheating, like it didn't mean anything honey, it was different with women I believe.

Men will have sex anywhere, men will have sex in the car, men will have sex in a bar, still have the sex at lying at a bay. They'll have sex anywhere that they can have it. Women, we have certain rules, we want to be in a nice room, we want to be wined and dined. If there are more pillows, I'm the bad then people, will have sex with you.

Let me just explain thing up here, just speaking as a surgeon here, that the reptilian part of the brain, the part of the brain that gives us those limbic craving to do things is much larger in men than women. So real question is, does biology tramp emotion? Is it possible that we are so hard wired that we can't hold their selves back.

What do you think of that? I think it's both, I think the biology definitely predetermines a great deal of our behavior but how we're natured it's nature and nurture. How we socialize, our social environment has a huge amount that can overcome nature in many states. Is this crossing your legs okay Jenin[sp?]? Yeah it is, yes because she's giving respect to you.

True and very respective. She's pointing what I call the naughty bits towards this direction which is power and authority. The naughty bits? Right here, what do you think? I like revolver The revolver is pointing our direction.