What Medical Conditions Can Cause a Man's Penis to Shrink?

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Well when people talk about shrinkage, if you watch some old TV shows. When someone gets a little bit of cold water then there is shrinkage but, that essentially is something that goes away. You don't have to worry about that. When the water gets warm the penis get's a little bit larger.

But in terms of the shrinkage we're talking about, when the actual penis can shrink permanently or for a long period of time. There's one thing I want us to remember, obesity causes that. Obesity and I'm not just talking about overall weight, I'm talking about waist size. So as you begin to expand this way, as the tissue comes out this way.

Down here lower, that tissue begins to retract inwards, so this goes out and below the belly goes inward. It's a natural pull on the tissue. That natural pull on the tissue causes the penis to actually shrink in size. It actually goes into the abdomen. So the actual measurable penis size is, smaller.

Now, the good news is, if you can take away just a little bit of that gut, even an inch, if you can change your pant size for example from a 39 to a 38, then the penis comes out again. So one way to increase penis size as you're getting older, is just to lose a few, bit of pounds there but also a few inches.

So, what I tell people all the time is make sure that when you are in your doctor's office, your doctor records your pant size and also records your waist size. Now you take a tape measure and measure right around the belly button area. So you should know those two numbers to be able to pass those on to your physician, your waist size and your pants size.

The goal is the next time you go for a visit, say six months later, you want those numbers a little bit smaller because that can make the penis come out of the abdomen and be a little bit longer.