What Do Men Consider to Be the Ideal Woman's Body Type?

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Dr. [UNKNOWN] and Kanye, and Bobby who have never let their husbands see them naked. Get some baby steps that can help these couples with some of the problems they're facing. So the first step is the understand what your husband is really seeing, I had both these wonderful men say something, that's very different from each of you were hearing.

>>Really? I mean really different in fact may be you are saying I think I'm saying those things and no one is hearing me, so what's a baby starter. How frustrating is that for your partner, he's telling you how beautiful you are and it hurts not to have you feel that and believe that, but there's two things you have to understand about men and you can tell me if I'm right.

I'm sure you are. Is that first of all you know how you see women all the time we all know women like this who don't meet at all the standard measures of what a beautiful woman is but they have men falling all over them all the time, it's not because of how you look, it's because of what men want in the bedroom, yes frequency but most importantly.

That's right. Most importantly they want you to be having a good time and they want you to feel confident that is a huge huge part of their sexual satisfaction, huge.