Osteoporosis Isn't Just for Women

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Most people think that osteoporosis is a woman's problem. Guys, that's not true. Nearly half of all men experience bone-loss due to low testosterone and other factors. While guys are living longer, we're also breaking more bones as we age. Time to go on the defensive. If you're over 60 and have certain risk factors, ask your doc about getting a bone density scan.

Some of those risk factors include smoking or having more than one drink a day and eating disorder, yes, guys can have them too, or being really thin. Being sedentary, physical activity makes your bone stronger but sitting around makes them weak. Taking bone draining medications like steroids and SSRI antidepressants as well as acid blockers and certain conditions like hypothyroidism, Chron's, Cushing's or Celiac disease.

Meanwhile, make your bones stronger. Eat high calcium foods including yogurt, green leafy vegetables like spinach and canned salmon. If you're still not getting enough calcium from food, you could take 600 mg of calcium along with 1000 international units of vitamin D3 and 200 mg of magnesium everyday.

The vitamin D3 and magnesium help your body process the calcium. And walk or jog 30 minutes a day. I'm Dr. Oz. Get more information on men's health, right here.