How Can I Prevent My Hairline From Receding?

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Smart patients ask questions, and I want you to be the best patient you can be. That's why everyday I'm asking you to bring your questions right here to me in the no embarrassment zone. There is no safer place to have your questions answered. Alright who's first take it way. Hi Doctor my name is Hussein, I have a question.

I have been noticing the past couple of the years that my hairline has been receding, I would like to know what I can do to prevent it? Pretty sure, it used to be like right here, and also is it genetic? It don't look too bad. So male pattern baldness, which is by the way what 95% of baldness becomes in men, is usually in front here and sometimes the very back of your hair and there's a hormone in the scalp called DHT, and it actually is influencing how these follicles grow.

Now a lot of folks think that it's from the mum they think that my mum's family is bald, so that's why I have it. There's actually a gene linked to the X-chromosome so there is an element of passage from the mother, but there's also some from the father, so you can get it from either side.

So that's one big method/g you can only get it from the mum. They are some things you do to prevent it, but not a lot because the genes do drive it mostly. Things that work include Biotin, I have a bottle of Biotin by the way it's pretty common, B vitamins and also I'd like to point out that some over the counter drugs like Minoxidil that work pretty well and some prescription medication as well as like, Finasteride.

Fair enough Thank you very much. Thank you so much. Take care. Alright.