Give These Junk Food Faves a Healthy Makeover

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There are three high calorie, high fat meals men seem to crave. Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. But you don't have to deprive yourself of these meals as long as you get these healthy makeovers. You ask what worst junk food vendor is? Pizza. Cheese and pizza are the top sources of artery clogging saturated fat in the American diet.

So lighten it, skip the extra cheese and top that pie with veggies instead of pepperoni and sausage. Another offender is the submarine sandwich. This monster sandwich supplies up to six servings of white bread and a quarter pound of processed meats. Eating just one serving of deli meat [xx], that's one or two slices means a 42% higher risk of heart disease.

Turn this into a heart hero by using whole grain bread and roasted turkey or chicken breast. Finally, there's drive through fast food, it is loaded with saturated fat, trans-fats and sodium that clogs your arteries and boost your blood pressure. If you must hit the drive through, order the grilled chicken sandwich and hold the fries, instead, add fruit. I'm Dr. Oz. For more great ways to eat healthy, watch all of our smart tips, right here.