Can High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Three months ago when I introduced you to my next guest they were a couple desperate for help, Crystal and Mike had been unable to consummate their five year marriage due to their weight but little did they know sex was the least of their problems. Their visit to our show began a life changing journey.

My husband Mike and I have never been able to consummate our marriage. I have had problems with the erectile dysfunction. It's become worse and worse. Mike if you try to have sex? Because of our weight, it's very difficult then I don't get the erection. Your weight? 370 pounds. Blood pressure, are you okay? Blood pressure it's 280.

You are about to have a stroke in your blood pressure and we are going to get you on a program. Your erectile dysfunction is going to save your life. We entered the show and I never expected to see the numbers I saw. It was very scary, kind of told me that I really need to make some changes.

When I was on Dr. Ross the first time I wore this shirt, look at it now. As soon as we got home the first thing we got to do was give our refrigerator an overhaul. One of my new all time favorites is of course the Greek yogurt that Dr. Ross is crazy about, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, boneless, skinless turkey breast.

One of my favorite breakfast, was french toast. We replaced the regular white bread with a high fiber whole wheat bread, regular eggs, with an eggs substitute, we just replaced all the bad with a healthier substitute. This is my home away from home, I'm here 5, 6 times a week. When I first started to come into the gym, I just was may be able to do two, three minutes, now I'm doing twenty, thirty minutes.

I like to walk outside and be a part of nature and I do it for about an hour a day. You know the food took over. Now we rub each other's backs and can, and we couldn't be happier. Mike and Crystal are here today. Please join me, come on out. Congratulations. Thank you. You look wonderful. How are you? Thank you.

Come to the further[sp?] Oh my goodness. Mike you have lost about 50 pounds, is that right? Yes, it is. How do you feel? How did you do it? I feel awesome and I have so much more energy, get up in the morning I'm ready to go, go to the gym after work in eight hours. No problems at all.

So [xx] you lost about 40 pounds? Yeap. I mean how did you do it? This is spectaculars, it's amazing.commitment, hard work I'm getting there, I have more energy now, I sleep better at night, I don't have to use my sleep at night machine anymore. You got it. No. So Mike last time you were here, you had a little problem with your blood pressure.

It was making me all nervous, 280 over a 100. We had to stop the show and rush Mike off to the ER to get observed. So what was going through your mind? I'm a nurse, I know I should know all these things, I knew it was a little bit higher than it should be, but. A little bit higher than it should be? But I didn't expect to see the number that I saw and that was probably the most scary thing that has ever happened.