Are Men More Likely to Do Idiotic Things Than Women?

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Are men more likely to do idiotic things than women? I wonder, yes. [LAUGH] A review of the British medical journal article done recently looked at the winners of the Darwin Awards of the last 20 years. Darwin Awards are given to people who have injuries due to the idiotic risk taking.

There were 318 cases study, of those 282 were awarded to men, only 36 were given to women. 88.7% of Darwin Award winners are men. The authors of the study conclude that the men are more likely to be idiots, and idiots do stupid things. Can't argue with a number, can you? No, you can't.

[LAUGH] So, what an example. You can't. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] What's the good example of a Darwin Award winner? Okay, there was a terrorist, who sent a letter bomb to someone with insufficient postage. So it came back to him, and he opened it. Oh wow! Isn't that a good example? That's a good one.

That's an example. There you have it. Definitely. [LAUGH] That's an idiot.