4 Tips to Keep From Losing Your Hair

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Hey, I'm Dr. Oz with a tip to slow hair loss. If you've noticed your hairline getting thinner, don't panic. There are ways to keep too much hair from falling out. The usual reasons behind hair loss are diet, illness, excessive grooming and genes, and don't feel alone if you've got the gene. 80 million men and women have hereditary hair loss, but here are four easy things you can do to keep your mane thick and healthy.

Sip a little caffeine. Yep, caffeine helps slow baldness. It decreases a follicle damaging hormone known as DHT. The easiest way to get your supply is tea or coffee. Second, be gentle. Vigorous brushing and high heat from blow dryers can break strands. Avoid rough toweling too. Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. And eat lean protein.

Hair is mostly made of keratin, and these protein to grow. Skinless poultry breast are a good source of protein because they're rich in Iron and Zinc. Deficiencies in either trigger hair loss. And then finally, vary your veggies. Add peas, carrots, cauliflowers and soy beans to salads insides.

All are good sources vitamin B6, [xx] and folding, all of which encourage growth. These tactics should keep your hair on your head where it belongs. You can watch for quick and easy health smarts, right here.