Should You Put Your Liver on a Diet?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a tip about an organ you probably don't think about much, your liver. Believe it or not, your liver can gain a dangerous amount of weight, and a fatty liver is no joke. It ups your risk of diabetes, heart disease and serious liver damage, plus dementia [xx] and cancer. Too much alcohol consumption is the classic cause of liver trouble, but these days there are two other lifestyle habits behind liver damage.

And if you match, and exercising too little. In fact, berry fat increases your risk of a failed liver by as much as 90%. The best sweet as steam down in the liver, lose weight if you need to. Losing just 10% of your weight will greatly improve your liver's health. And lose that weight to small weight.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and 100% whole grains. Stick with lean protein like fish, skinless chicken breast, beans and fat free dairy. Learn more about ways to stay healthy, check out all of our health smart right here.