Stand Up, Lose Belly Fat

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a quick weight loss tip. To shed as much as one and a half inches from your waist, just stand up more. In a study of middle of aged adults those who frequently got out of their chairs for a bit, had waists that were more than an inch smaller than peers who sat for long stretches of time.

A big waist means you are more likely to have bad stuff going on inside your body, like inflammation, high blood pressure, insulin resistant, high blood sugar and unhelpful fat deposits around your vital organs. But taking frequent breaks from sitting could melt that belly fat, and they don't have to be long breaks, in the study, people had to stand for only one minute for it to count as a break, but to have an impact, those standing breaks have to be frequent, if that sounds like too much to remember, consider this.

Study suggests that people with highly sanitary habits lives shorter lives and have a greater risk of heart disease. Even if they exercise regularly. Now, stand up, and take a break, and watch more smart and quick health tip right here.