Use This Spread to Lower LDL Cholesterol

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra with a smart tip to lower your cholesterol. Next time you're about to put cream cheese on your bagel, swap it for plant sterol enhanced spread. Plant sterol spread can lower your LDL cholesterol. In one study, people who added 2 grams of plant sterol spread for their daily diets found that their bad cholesterol dropped from 5 to 15%. Plant sterols are potent little chemicals found in fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, wholegrain and legumes. They help to lower LDl cholesterol by interfering with your body's ability to absorb cholesterol from food. Consuming plant sterols while taking a cholesterol lowering pill, called the statin, may provide even bigger benefits.

Together, they dropped LDL cholesterol by an additional 10%. Some studies suggest that plant sterols might do more than just lower cholesterol. Combined with Omega-3 fatty acids, they may fight inflammation and reduce heart disease and cancer risk. For more ways to nourish your health, watch all our smart tips, right here.