Snacking on Blueberries May Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with tip to help you lower bad LVL cholesterol. There's no news flash that Blueberries are nutritious. But here's something you probably didn't know, it may help keep your arteries from clogging and reduce high cholesterol level. In an animal study, researchers found and the Blueberries could have the power to cut LVL cholesterol levels almost in half. The test subjects were fed a high fat diet along with Blueberries. After only three weeks, LVL cholesterol dropped by as much as 44% and total cholesterol had deeped 27%, and those are pretty impressive numbers. More studies is needed to see whether the same benefits are hold true in humans, but researchers are really optimistic, and why are Blueberries so affected?

Well, the liver is the organ that helps the body lower high cholesterol levels, Campbells and Blueberries are great to help activate certain genes in your liver, giving it a boost in doing it's job. That's just one more reason to always have fresh, frozen, and freezed dry Blueberries on hand for making smoothies, healthy muffins, and more.

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